Helping You Develop a
Realistic Budget for Your Project

When considering a custom home or remodel, the first question most people ask us is, "What will it cost?" We've put together a list of average costs for a variety of remodeling projects and new construction. As with every rule of thumb, there are always exceptions. But we hope these estimates will help you develop a realistic budget for your project. We want transparency with our clients. If we don’t make money, we don’t stay in business, and you won’t have a contractor. So we have no problem sharing what we need to make on a project.

We recognize the need to establish a budget, and we have included the below numbers in the hope that they will assist with your planning and overall understanding of the remodeling and new construction process.

  • General Construction Labor Rate - $85 - 125

  • Addition - (family room type – no plumbing, minimal structural work) - $250 to $500 /sq. ft.
  • Addition - (multi-story, some structural, systems work) $500 /sq. ft.
  • New house - (On your lot or tear down.) - $350 to $500/ sq. ft.
  • Kitchen Remodel - $50,000 to $120,000
  • Cost Plus Project Fee/Mark up - 20-25% builder fee (depends on size and scope of the project)
  • Bathroom (high end remodel) - $45,000 to $100,000
  • Average Design Fees: - Varies by Architect and project complexity but a general rule is 5-12% of construction costs, plus reimbursable and engineering if required at $125 per hour
  • Initial Consultation - Initial in-house design consultation is free if you own or have a contract on the property. If you are in the process of buying a property, the consultation fee is a minimum of $250.